Wicked Birds


Contrary to popular belief, the most popular bird in central Massachusetts isn't the middle finger. Using data from eBird, the citizen science project from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a dataset was created using all species observed from 2011 - 2020 in Worcester County. This page highlights some interesting tidbits mined from the data.

Dataset Stats

  • 212,040 bird observations made
  • 9,007 locations where birds were observed
  • 299 distint species observed
  • 1,114,641 individual birds observed

Local or Tourist?

Select a species below to see how many birds of that type were observed during each month across all 10 years. Can you tell which species have a hard time saying "park the car"?

City Bird or Country Bird?

These species were selected for their urban or rural proclivities. Perhaps the woodcock and grouse will head to Worcester once Polar Park opens. Data from 2020 only.

    City Birds

    Country Birds